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What an Atlanta Bail Bonds Company Teaches Us

In “emergency” niches, there name of the game is being the first one someone calls when they’re looking for your services. Let’s look at the bail bonds industry for a minute. Why do you think all of the bondsmen out there start their company’s name with the letter ‘A?’ Or better yet, ‘AA’? Well, it used to be that when people wanted to bail someone out of jail, they picked up their phone book and called whoever was first. Or even more importantly, the company who stood out the most. This was done by placing an ad in the yellow pages. Now that hardly anyone ever uses those things, where do they go for such services? You guessed it. They turn to their tiny little computers on their phones and say, “Okay Google, show me bail bonds in Atlanta.”

The Yellow Page’s days are numbered, if not over entirely, and the playing field is pretty level as it is. If a company knows a little bit about internet marketing, SEO, or even social media marketing, they can do a pretty good job of getting people to call them. One Atlanta bail bonds company, Bail Bonding Now, is doing a lot more than that though. They are top ranking on the search engines for things like bail bonds in Atlanta GA, Fulton County bail bonds, and a lot of similar search queries. What’s important to note, though, is that they’re website doesn’t really look all that great. Apparently in an emergency industry like bail bonds, you don’t have to have a fantastic looking site. You just have to have one that’s functional.

This is the best lesson that we can point out to newer marketers. “Done” is better than “perfect.” If you are launching a new service or rolling out a new product, just get some information up there in somewhat of a haphazard way and you can rearrange how it looks later. Get to work on what’s important. Submit some press releases. Get some citations going (like this Atlanta bail bonds listing). Get on the ball and you’ll be surprised at where your efforts can take you.

So many of us wait until everything is just perfect before we take any measurable action at all. Forget it. It’ll be five years until everything is perfect. Are you going to wait that long to actually start getting customers?

Dig in to this company a little bit and you’ll see more of what I mention in this post.

Bail Bonding Now
400 W Peachtree St NW Suite #4 – 1136
Atlanta, Georgia 30308

more bail bonds information on their Google Site.

Should You Go It Alone? One Des Moines Tattoo Artist Says YES!

A lot of people have a tough time figuring out if they should quit their job and branch out on their own. They often get stuck on one of the following questions. Do they have enough capital? Do they have the skill? Do they have management skills? Do they know how to operate a business? Do they know where to turn when they need help? The biggest question of them all… Do they know how to market their services enough to get new customers??

If you’ve thought about going it alone and shedding your managing company’s oversight, then you’ve probably thought about the above questions as well. So, do you or don’t you?

Here’s the basic gist of everything. If you know how to perform above the current expectations in your given industry, you’ve got a little money squared away for a rainy day, and you know how to market better then the company you currently work for, then in my opinion, yes. Go for it. Here’s how a Des Moines, IA tattoo artist puts it.

How a Des Moines, Iowa Tattoo Artist is Starting Off

Tattoo Shops Des Moines Iowa

“I’m tired of working around the owner’s budget. I’m tired of waiting around for clients to walk through the door. Basically, I feel that if I can market a service better than my boss, I should be able to succeed in the tattoo industry.” See his recent overhaul to his tattoo Des Moines website. You’ll see that he isn’t just full of hot air. He’s putting forth an effort to make his tattoo shop’s site better looking and more engaging then all of the others in the Des Moines, Iowa area.

It doesn’t just start and end with a website though. This particular tattoo artist has amassed quite a few regulars, but that doesn’t keep him satisfied, obviously. He wants to grow his newly found business bigger and better. Therefore, he’s also implemented a referral program. He’s not handing out free cash or anything, but he’s giving his tattooed patrons something to come back for…free tattoos!

What You Should Take From This Tattooist’s Boldness

Sure, not all of us can just up and quit our jobs, but if you really feel like you’ve got a shot, go for it. After all, we all only have one life to live, right? Well, that can be debated, but we know for a fact that we don’t remember any notion of a past life, so we should make the most of what we have in front of us right now. One thing I would double check before you get into it, is that make sure you have a passion for what you do. You can obviously tell that this particular Des Moines tattoo artist has a passion for what he does by his Tumblr blog. He’s had this going for a while now, but he has stated that he’ll always have a love for what he does. For him, it’s a sort of lifestyle., just like many other people in the industry. So, yes, make sure that you have as much passion for what you’re trying to do as much as the fanatics in industries that may be bizarre to most. People may call you crazy, but that’s what all successful people have been told when they were building their business. Best of luck!