How Social Media Can Help Your LASIK Clinic

Everyone is on social media these days. People tend to build bonds pretty easily with whatever they are around most. In this day and age, it’s their cell phones. In this article, we’ll discuss how you can harness the power of social media to market your LASIK surgery clinic to its full potential.

Atlanta LASIK Clinics Are Going Social

One of the biggest technology hubs in the United States is Atlanta, Georgia. So, if you’re wondering what’s trending and what some of the big dogs in your industry are doing to attract customers, Atlanta is a great place to look.

Let’s take your industry, laser vision correction, for example. Social media allows you to really narrow down your audience, build a following, and get the word out better than the traditional areas of marketing and advertising would allow. Look at what was just published by this Atlanta LASIK clinic in their most recent article and notice how many times it got tweeted, mentioned, and circulated throughout the area.

It’s not unrealistic to think that you can have that same kind of ‘pull’ when it comes to getting your own name out there. Even if your particular surgical clinic is in the same city as “LASIK Atlanta,” you can think just a little outside of the box and get the same results. They’re on quite a few of social media platforms as you can see on their LASIK Atlanta Google+ profile page, but there are so many others that they’re not utilizing.

Just think about who your target audience is first. Then use a bit of brain power to come up with what social media platforms they’re hanging out on. Then, advertise on those particular platforms like there’s no tomorrow. If you can reach them organically, great. If not, spend some money. Each of these platforms has its own little nuances, so if you’re going to be marketing LASIK services, then you should research how to tag appropriately so that other users can find that information when they type it into the search bar.

One other thing that you might want to consider is a customer appreciation program. Have your happy customers engage with their friends on social media for you. Implement some sort of incentive package where if someone comes in as a direct result of a previous customers tweet/share/etc., then they get a gift or a discount (indirectly). You’ll find that many of your customers will be happy to do it. Just make sure that you only mention it to the really happy customers or you might have a problem on your hands.

Best of luck!

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