How to Get a Job in SEO

A lot of people are trying to get into the search engine optimization industry right now because it offers quite a bit of pay and doesn’t require any specialized degrees. Furthermore, the more focus you have in the field of marketing, the more your services are going to be desired and sought after by potential customers. Throughout this article, I’ll explain why finding an SEO job might be a little more difficult than you thought.

How To Get A Job Doing SEO

Just like with any job in the field of marketing, it’s really tough to find an ENTRY LEVEL position in SEO. Employers don’t really want to train someone from the ground-up these days. They want someone to come in with a preexisting understanding of how everything works when optimizing websites, launching social media marketing campaigns, guest posting, etc. The trouble with that, is that without someone offering that information to you so that you can actually gain the experience, then how on earth are you supposed to start your career?

How to Get an SEO Job

For basic information on optimizing social profiles and some tips for getting backlinks to your site, see what this SEO company has to say. This is probably a pretty good place to start learning about the industry in general. Another place that you might try is on various search engine optimization blogs like Viper Chill or Source Wave. Those two go into more specifics as to keyword research, on-page optimization, and getting traffic to your website.

In order to get a job in SEO, you’re going to need to know your stuff. That’s a prerequisite. So I highly recommend that you check out the above sites and blogs before you submit your resume to any open positions on the job boards. Another thing that you’re going to have to know about is Google AdWords. Even if you don’t ever plan on running Adwords campaigns for clients, you might be stuck with doing some of the grunt work when you work in a bigger SEO agency. They basically have free reign to tell you what to do, just like any employer-employee relationship. So, just plan on getting AdWords certified before you get a great SEO job in an agency. It’s pretty easy to do and it doesn’t take a whole lot of studying or anything. Just search for it in any search engine and you’ll find what you need to get certified. It’s really just to make your resume look better and is one less hoop to jump through down the road.

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