How Online Marketing Helps Your Varicose Veins Products

There are several ways that a person or company can utilize SEO and internet marketing to get their varicose veins creams or pills in front of people who are looking to buy. There is an increasing number of people searching for these solutions all over the world and if you have a great product, you need to get it in front of these people. The problem that a lot of marketers face, though, is that the competition is fairly high with anything in the health industry. There are several conglomerates that spend several thousands of dollars every month to make sure that their website or YouTube video ranks in the top three spots for most of the terms that have any sort of search traffic. So how do you beat them? The answer might surprise you, but you must “flank” the competition. That means that you have to go after your prospects from different entry points that they might not have though about.

Marketing Varicose Veins Products the Right Way

It’s important to understand that while a vast majority of people are going to enter one or two word search phrases into a search engine. It’s even more important to understand that there are people who are more specific with their searches. What they are searching for is often times called “long tail keywords.” These are a lot easier to rank for than the shorter terms and most companies or marketers fail to exhaust these keywords to their full potential. For instance, I would rather try to inform people of certain creams for spider veins, than to go after a term like varicose veins.

To put it simply, use your own intuition to figure out how people are looking for your products or services. In many cases, this is exactly why local SEO is so much easier than competing for national terms. There is less competition and certain terms are often overlooked. But, if you can come up with 5 different ‘long-tail’ keywords that have only 2,000 searches per month, that’s the same as going after one term with 10,000 searches per month. Most marketers are going to go after the one term related to varicose veins rather than put the effort into creating five pieces of great content, getting that content shared on various social platforms, and earning backlinks the right way.

All-in-all, if you do your due diligence in keyword research and you uncover a few little gems, it will take less work than taking on your competition with a head-on approach. You can see several examples of how this is done by looking at the Safety & Health Council on Varicose Veins Facebook page. You’ll see that the organization puts out some really great content and isn’t pushing an affiliate product or anything. They are just putting out information for the general public for educational purposes. That being said, you can easily do the same thing if you ARE in fact pushing a certain product or solution.

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